The Quartier des Bains Association, 12 galleries and 4 cultural institutions, aims to encourage and promote contemporary art in the Quartier des Bains area in Geneva, and organizes three Nuits des Bains - common openings - in March, May and September.

Program of the exhibitions: www.quartierdesbains.ch

Nuit des Bains / Common Openings: September 18, 2014, 6pm
Open Days Weekend: November 8-9, 2014


Alighiero Boetti, Il muro
Julius Kaesdorf, Des anges
Sarkis, Les 42 heures du loup
Aldo Walker, Logotyp
Retour du monde, Commandes publiques autour du tramway de Paris
Biens communs 3
Until the 5th of May 2013

Le partage de Minuit, artwork by Philippe Gronon, Gabriele Di Matteo and Pierre Vadi
Picture : Ilmari Kalkkinen – Mamco, Genève


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